Pet Training Tips – How Any Pet Can Be Trained

Almost any animal can be trained by a professional trainer but when it comes to your own pet it is more cost effective and easier to train them yourself if possible. However, if you have a dog and it is requiring more than you can do or is difficult I would say to get it […]

Pet Custody in Divorce – How Divorce Affects Pets

With the high divorce rate and the growing number of people with fur babies the issue with custody of pets has come to be a concern to many. It has become so popular that California just passed a law regarding it and Alaska and Illinois already have pet custody laws in place. The issue of […]

Understanding Dog Behavior -Common Sense Approach

We all love a cute puppy or a beautiful dog with a great personality. A dog with a quirky or odd behavior makes us laugh. But what we don’t like is bad behavior or a dog that does not mind what we say. We often get frustrated and may yell at or sadly even hit […]

About Heidi

Welcome to What’s Up Dog? I hope you find this site useful to help you and your animals. I have always had a passion for animals since childhood and feel like they are so often misunderstood. Learning to understand animal behavior is something that will not only enhance your relationship with your animals but enrich […]